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Dick: a card game based on the novel by Herman Melville

Dick: a card game based on the novel by Herman Melville

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100 mock-serious questions for our times. 
375 answers taken word-for-word from Moby-Dick.
Surpassingly hilarious.

It’s the game where meaning is plural and unstable, often with some kind of dick joke thrown in for good measure: a faithful adaptation of Moby-Dick to the form of a party game. Gather a half-dozen of your bosom friends and jointly plunge your harpoons into the ecstatic flank of delight and deliciousness. Metaphorically.

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⇀ Compete with your friends to exploit the indefinite landlessness of all signification!

⇀ Allow your thoughts to serpentine and spiralize!

⇀ Disclose the howling infinite that underlies all apparent meaning!

⇀ Like other dick games, this one works best with 4 or more players.

Hey, isn’t this offensive?

Such an abounding, affectionate, friendly, loving feeling will this avocation beget, that at last you will be continually squeezing your co-laborers’ hands, and looking up into their eyes sentimentally.*


* (Results not guaranteed.)


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