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The Doubloon; or, the Moby-Dick T-shirt (women's) XL - why so ever

The Doubloon; or, the Moby-Dick T-shirt (women’s)

$ 25.00

Celebrate uncertainty with this T-shirt featuring the famously ambiguous Moby-Dick doubloon.

This shirt features the design of the gold doubloon that figures prominently in Chapter 99 of Moby-Dick. The coin described in the book is an actual coin minted by the Republic of Ecuador in the early 1840s. It looked exactly like this, except that it was a coin instead of a T-shirt.

In the book, a series of characters look at the doubloon and say what they think it means. Ahab looks at the three mountaintops and decides that they all represent himself. Starbuck says that the bright sun above the dark valley symbolizes God's superintendency over even the universe’s evil parts. Stubb concludes that the coin depicts a jolly romp through life. In the end, it seems like the doubloon itself doesn't really mean anything; we see in it whatever want to see. The white whale is the same way. And maybe the universe is, too.

See what happens when you put this design on your body. When people ask you what’s on your shirt, ask them what they see in it. Then tell them that all meaning is essentially make-believe, that all the things that make life meaningful are merely projections of our own fantasies onto what is ultimately a blank, atheistic meaninglessness. Then tell them to stop staring at your chest.

A super-soft, form-fitting, breathable t-shirt. Charcoal black. Tri-blend construction for a vintage texture (50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon).

Shirts ship in about 3 business days. U.S. shipping is free; to Canada, $3; to Europe, $5; elsewhere, $10.

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